Virtual Savant, LLC
The Leaders in Strategic Business Virtualization

Specializing in Strategic Virtualization and Innovation using Technology


Virtual Technology, or Cloud Computing has become a hot topic of late.  In 2009, Virtual Savant was formed to exploit this not-so-new technology.


We believe that most organizations miss the boat when talking about virtualization.  Naturally, it is based in technology.  But done correctly, it is a strategic business approach that can create serious competitive advantages.  Not only in containing IT costs – but in allowing the business flexibility that simply isn’t possible with a standard IT architecture.


This is the team that CIO Magazine recognized as a 2010 CIO 100 Award Winner for "transforming business through innovation and execution":

Jack Wilson
was also recognized as one of the Top 25 CTO's of 2009 by InfoWorld for his leadership in this highly successful virtualization initiative.


We approach virtualization from the business point of view – and always as an enterprise strategy.  Our products and services are tailored to meet that model.


  • Seminars – We take every opportunity that we can to speak to groups about strategic virtualization.  Our experience is that most organizations approach the issue tactically – and this approach leads them into less than optimal results.  Virtualization can be done.  It can dramatically lower costs.  It can make the enterprise more agile.  But it has to be done correctly.  We take pride in acting as evangelists for doing it correctly.
  • Consulting – We offer a wide range of personalized consulting services.  From professionals that have done it successfully at a strategic level.
  •  Hosted Solutions -- We will manage your desktops and computing infrastructure at our state of the art data center.  This effectively gets you out of the IT business.  We assume all of the support for your computing needs.


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