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Specializing in Strategic Virtualization and Innovation using Technology

Virtual Savant LLC is a professional consulting organization made up of senior strategic virtualization architects led by Jack Wilson. This team of architects successfully transformed Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company's technology from a complex, expensive and "behind the curved" situation, to a streamlined and virtual architecture providing its business staff with a competitive advantage by creating access to their applications and data "anytime, from anywhere, from any device".  In addition to the business flexibility benefits, the strategic virtualization approach significantly lowered baseline technology cost and created a very stable/supportable infrastructure.  

This is the team that CIO Magazine recognized as a 2010 CIO 100 Award Winner for "transforming business through innovation and execution":

Jack Wilson was also recognized as one of the Top 25 CTO's of 2009 by InfoWorld for his leadership in this highly successful virtualization initiative.

Strategic Virtualization can truly transform your organization by significantly lowering overall IT costs while simultaneously increasing business functionality. Strategic Virtualization removes the physical barriers associated with traditional technology architecture and centralizes all complex infrastructure into a central datacenter, while allowing simple components at remote locations or the secure use of any device that has Internet connectivity (home computers, hotel computers, personal laptops including Macs, iPad, iPhone or any smart phone). This is increasingly important as young talent brings their own preferred computing device into the organizations where they want to work.  

Virtualization (especially desktop virtualization) is a hot topic about which there is a lot of industry hype at the moment, much of which is misleading and confusing.  This is your chance to move beyond the hype. Virtual Savant can provide you and your organization with the experience and leadership of real IT practitioners who have designed, implemented, and maintained a totally virtualized environment for over four years. Let them help you use your next PC refresh to totally transform your technical architecture using advanced virtualization techniques and replace most if not all your PCs with thin client desktops and Webbooks. Then skip the next one or two expensive and disruptive PC refreshes (Amerisure skipped it last PC refresh in 2009). Their experience and hard won lessons learned will you the essentials they've found to virtualization success and avoid the pitfalls.

The flexibility and adaptability that virtualizing Amerisure created allowed Jack's IT architecture to drive business strategy rather than lag behind the company's needs and desires. Allow him to share with you how you too can achieve a forward-looking, efficient, nimble IT infrastructure by applying the principles of Strategic Virtualization.  The experience the Virtual Savant team will bring will save your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as lost time and frustration. 

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